What Is Fascism?

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1 hr 2 min 52 sec

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This one hour film documents the United States government's history of population control and murder of political dissidents. It also ... all » explores the use of inventing major disasters to control the population, from Pearl Harbor, to Operation Northwoods, to Oklahoma City, to 9/11. It also examines where we're heading, with footage of the military police state take-over and the human microchip known as the Verichip. Music from Public Enemy. Featured on Alex Jones'

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  1. Scrubs & Shines // 11:31 PM  

    Canada Government, A call to investigate 911


    Its time for the Canadian Government as friends and neighbors to the patriotic good people of America to call on the United Nations to conduct a world investigation into the 911 attacks. The United Nations should seek the truth to the questions that remain unanswered by American conspiracy theories of the 911 attacks . Evidence that seems to incriminate the Bush Administration for being a part of an attack on its own people. These Accusations have risen into a new level of danger to the planet as we know it and to the very foundations of democracy in America.

    The United States needs to answer for war crimes against humanity with the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its time for Americans to take thier country out of the hands of tyrants and criminals who profit by war. Its time for America to return back to what it stands for in the world based on thier Constitution and freedoms. And not the freedom to dominate the rest of the world.

    Democracy in Canada and around the world is threatened by the decline of the government of the USA and its up to the Canadian Government to take a role in the United Nations to bringing justice to the world from a administration that has lied and caused death and destruction in its evil path to Imperilism and world domination. Its time for America to return as the great nation they once were before the profiteers took it over.

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